Reconstructive Procedures

Reconstructive procedures can be minor or complex.  The goal of these procedures are to restore natural form and function and get you back to feeling confident in your appearance. Common procedures include the removal of skin cancers, xanthelasma, moles, and lumps & bumps, or the reconstruction and camouflage of torn earlobesscars or skin cancer defects.  During your consultation, Dr. Brandt will work with you to develop a safe treatment plan.  Dr. Brandt’s goal is keep you looking your very best.  

Skin Cancer Surgery

A facial skin cancer is a daunting diagnosis.  Not only is the cancer anxiety provoking, but so too are the many options for treatment.  Dr. Brandt has managed thousands of skin cancer cases and can help you navigate the diagnosis and treatment options.  In some circumstances, Dr. Brandt can simply and painlessly remove the skin cancer in an office-based setting.  In other circumstances, Dr. Brandt will recommend more complex care that could involve Mohs surgery or treatment at a regional Cancer Centre.  In either situation, Dr. Brandt is there to help ensure you receive the best possible care, and remains part of your healthcare team should you ever have a question or concern.  

Reconstructive Surgery

Once a skin cancer has been removed, some degree of reconstructive surgery is necessary to restore both form and function.  Over the past 10-years Dr. Brandt has refined his reconstructive skills and takes great pride in performing well-camouflaged repairs.   Trust Dr. Brandt to take his time reviewing your reconstructive options, describing each one in down to earth terms, and helping to guide you in making an informed choice.  

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Lumps & Bumps

How long have you been thinking about removing that bump?  Now is the time to review your options with Dr. Brandt.  Dr. Brandt frequently and permanently removes keloids, pilar cysts, sebaceous cysts, and lipomas.  In all circumstances, Dr. Brandt carefully evaluates each lump, , orders necessary tests, makes an accurate diagnosis, and then guides you in selecting the best possible treatment.  

Moles & Skin Tags

For some individuals a mole is a reflection of their unique self, for others it is a pesky nuisance that they’d like to get rid of.  As both a cosmetic and skin cancer surgeon Dr. Brandt is experienced in evaluating worrisome moles and ensuring a their removal is performed safely and with the best cosmetic outcome in mind.  Schedule a no obligation consultation with Dr. Brandt to review your treatment options.


Xanthelasmas are the deposits of cholesterol within the upper and/or lower eyelid.  While these may take years to develop, Dr. Brandt can have these improved in no-time.  In most circumstances, Dr. Brandt can improve their appearance in a single treatment.  Tired of looking at them?  Schedule a consultation to learn more.  

Earlobe Repair

Whether it’s a stretched piercing, or a torn earlobe, Dr. Brandt can help repair your earlobe and get it back to its original form.  Want to get back to wearing your favourite earrings? The first step is a consultation. 

Scar Revision

Sometimes a surgical procedure or injury results in an unfavourable scar.  Dr. Brandt is an authority on scar evaluation and management and spent several years completing a Master’s Degree on this very topic.  Many treatment options exist which can include steroid or saline injection, subcision, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, or surgical scar modification.  Sometimes more than one treatment option is necessary to camouflage a scar and get you back to looking your best.  If you’re bothered by a scar and would like to explore your options – some of which may be covered by OHIP – book your consultation with Dr. Brandt.